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Workers’ compensation benefits: What is included?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. However, people in all jobs are at risk of suffering workplace injuries. If you are injured at work, it is important to understand the benefits you are entitled to under Minnesota’s workers’ compensation system.

Medical expenses

We all know that medical care does not come cheap. Fortunately, workers’ compensation covers all reasonable expenses related to treating your injury. This can include not only immediate treatment, such as an emergency room visit, but also ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Lost wages

Serious injuries take time to heal. You will be paid a percentage of your wages through workers’ compensation for the time you are away from work. Typically, this is about two-thirds of your usual wages.

Retraining costs

If your injuries are so severe that it is unlikely you will be able to return to your old job, you may be able to enter a vocational rehabilitation program. This can help you develop the skills you need to train for a new profession or take a different position at your current workplace.

Permanent disability benefits

If your injuries are permanent and prevent you from returning to any type of employment, you may be able to recover disability benefits. The amount you can expect to receive will depend on whether you are suffering from a partial or total disability.

When you receive workers’ compensation benefits, you cannot sue your employer for additional damages. However, if a third party shares some blame for the accident, you may have further legal recourse. It is best to discuss all of your options with an experienced workers’ comp attorney.